Living Wage Campaign

This campaign believes the University of Nottingham should pay a Living Wage to ALL of its staff. Follow the Facebook page for more information:

Intersectionality Book

The UoN Feminists are writing a book and we need contributions! We want to celebrate all things intersectional at UoN, so let us know what makes you you and produce something to go in the book. If you want more information on the book or details of what we are looking for, email us at

Divest from Fossil Fuels

Fossil Free UoN and People and Planet Society are campaigning for the University of Nottingham to freeze any new investments in fossil fuel companies, and to divests from the fossil fuel industry and shifts funds to lower risk, ethical investments within 5 years. For more information, or to sign the petition, click the link below.

Shake it Out

Voice Your Rights’ ‘Shake it Out’ campaign focuses on promoting LGBT+ participation and inclusion in Sports in UK Universities and in the wider community.

Write for Rights 2015

Every year during November and December, Amnesty groups across the world – including UoN Amnesty Society – encourage everyone and anyone to take part in the Write for Rights campaign, a campaign of writing letters of support to those suffering human rights abuses. To take part, simply follow the link below.

Howard League

For the fourth year, a branch of the famous Howard League for Penal Reform national organisation has been run from Nottingham University in conjunction with Pro Bono Society. The organisation acts as a campaigns/activist group, charity and legal player for all things related to crime, criminal justice and the prison system in the UK. The organisation runs a variety of events throughout the year. For more information, follow the link below.

Lad Culture Pledge

Lad Culture has a negative effect on all students, through stigmas and prejudices promoted by pack culture as well as the promotion of toxic masculinity. UoN Feminists want to start up a dialogue about what Lad Culture is, and what the real effects on students are. We have specially designed workshops to start a conversation with student groups about what the issues are and how to combat them in our own behaviour and how to talk to our friends about it. Email to find out more about how you can get your group signed up to sign the pledge and how you can get involved.

Tampon Donations

Tampon Tubs provide menstruators caught short with sanitary products in select female, gender neutral and disabled toilets in the Portland Building. Not only do UoN Feminists want to spread the campaign to more loos on campus, we also want to help raise money and collect donations for those less fortunate. We hope to be providing sanitary products, including cleaning wipes etc. to the homeless of Nottingham by working directly with shelters and soup kitchens and other student groups. We will have a donation link set up soon and be publicising collection events.